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Jazz Formula NYC has ended up one of the head jazz clubs on the planet and a social organization in Brooklyn.

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The beat and the vitality of the city shows in her combination of jazz, soul, Latin, and talked word.

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Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor

One of New York’s Best-Known and Most-Respected Jazz foundations, Jazz Formula NYC offers calmly fresh eating with a musical menu of Brooklyn’s top Jazz Artists.

Local entertainers cover a scope of styles from Traditional and Swing to Bop, Fusion, Latin, and Afro-Pop. Our “Spotlight Performer Series” occasions showcase some of today’s most “sought after” world visiting artists in a personal setting.

Age Restrictions

Under 21 yr. Old visitors welcome to every one of the 6 pm and 8 pm appears. Dinner reservations were vital for all gatherings with under 21 yr. Early visitors with a landing no later than 6:45 pm. Each of the 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm shows is entirely 21 yrs.

Jazz Formula NYC gives an approach to praise the music while getting a charge out of a fun evening out. Highlighting the best artists in the East Coast, joined by delectable food arranged by Jazz Formula NYC, your gathering can encounter an environment of style and closeness toward the evening pretty much as though they were out appreciating a night out on the town. Evening incorporates incredible music, flavorful sustenance, great individuals and entryway prizes.

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