Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor – Co-owner/Blogger

Jazz Formula NYC started a decade and a half ago with its funders’ dream to gather enhanced support the music genre through the establishment of a jazz club, which showcases weekly performance of finest artists in the industry.

Jazz Formula NYC would like to remind everyone that Jazz is our music, too with an endeavor to keep the genre alive. The club becomes a spot where movement and advancement – the establishments of jazz – are supported and honed on a daily premise.

The club showcases works of key artists, in an alphabetical and no particular order, such as Chris Botti, Maynard Ferguson, Dizzy Gillespie, John Scofield, Sarah Vaughan, and Nancy Wilson. We have also been an avenue for new and budding artists to show off their talented appreciation of this genre.

We have constantly satisfied our musicians’ craving for a jazzy stage, while fulfilling our patrons’ wish for a party haven. We provide the best music, food and drinks. All they just need to is to come in, relax and indulge!

What sets us apart from other jazz clubs is that we are what we preach. Jazz Formula NYC sets the formula for jazz music in the busy city of New York. If you happen to have a bad day, come to us and we will provide a quick solution to your relaxation problems with music, food, cozy ambience, and maybe gain you some friends to last. Join us as we take the world, one jazzy note at a time!