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Jazz Formula NYC has ended up one of the head jazz clubs on the planet and a social organization in Brooklyn.

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The beat and the vitality of the city shows in her combination of jazz, soul, Latin, and talked word.

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Anthony Taylor

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Anthony Taylor

The city that never sleeps just got another reason why not to go home early for a slumber. Situated in the heart of the metro, we have all it takes to keep you company all night long.

Jazz Formula NYC has the best all in one place, the music, food, wine, people and yes, even coffee! We are proudly just the right place to be, however you like it.

Our music gives back to jazz artists who have made the genre the best music to listen to, from the original to contemporary to modern. We have the best sounds to set the groove for your night.

We have local entertainers who perform on stage, and cover just any music style on this genre! We have traditional, fusion, funk and bebop! Whether you’re a dancer or just someone who needs a different ambience, we are set to spice up your nights.

People also visit us for food and wine, whether alcoholic or just the red ones to add color to your night, coffee for those who wants to get maximum relaxation and nicest people to assist you with your orders.

Remember, we will take care of you, your friends and family. Yes, we can accommodate your you and your young ones for family dinner and music until 10pm. We would like the young generation to experience how jazzy jazz is.  We never know, the next best jazz performer might be you or your loved ones!

So, reserve seats now to Jazz Formula NYC if you need music and company while the night is young. In a fast-paced world of the metro, we might serve as a good break.